Bjørkelangen videregående skole / Bjørkelangen College

Bjørkelangen College is located in the beautiful village of Bjørkelangen in Aurskog-Høland district council. The district council has a population of approximately 15,000 and is a safe and secure place to bring up children. There are many sports clubs and other voluntary organizations that offer plenty to do.

The college has a staff of around 100 and there are about 600 students studying on seven different two-year and three-year education programmes: General studies; Sports and physical education; Design and crafts; Service and transport; Healthcare, childhood and youth development; Technical and industrial production, and Electricity and electronics. Like other colleges in Norway, Bjørkelangen College is owned by the regional authority.

When it was founded in 1971, the college was the first in Norway to offer both general studies and vocational studies programmes. Since then it has played a key role in providing a college education for young people in the area. From 2002-2004 it was allocated additional funds from the Education Department based on its excellent work in the fields of assessment, involving the students in the decisions of the college, and catering for the individual needs of the students.

It is a typical rural college with a limited catchment area, but with a stable level of local applicants. Cooperation with the district council, local businesses and local sports clubs are important to ensure the best possible education for the college’s students. The college enjoys a very positive atmosphere both among the students, and between the students and staff.

The college’s motto is “The Road to Adulthood” and our aim is that the years spent at Bjørkelangen College will be important and instructive for all our students. To help reach this goal the college promotes the following six key values:

Ambition and Security

Boldness and Discipline

Modern and Unpretentious